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YOU can Join TIENS any where in the world where TIENS has its Branches and Franchise. You just need to follow up the Registration Procedure. I would like to suggest you to read whole page and registration procedure carefully with fully concentration. It will take your 20 minutes which means It would help you to learn everything about TIENS Business and health care products

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Registration Procedure:

Registration is just two steps away…
(1) How to join ?
(2) How much will have to Pay ? & Products Availability at your Place.

Lets Start & Fly Together..

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(1) How to Join TIENS ?
If you are interested in Joining or already deciding to join with TIENS, I would be happy to help you get started as soon as possible. Please follow the step Below.

Write down my information below on a piece of paper. You will need it for Sponsoring Purpose to fill up the Application form at the Sponsoring Section of Registration form.

TIENS ID number:742529947
Contact Number: +254729529569

1. After that find the TIENS branch office address in your country. If you need help to find TIENS office, you can Google to Search TIENS office in your Country. If you could,nt find TIENS office in your country you can find it in given link below or if you still feel some kind of difficulty then feel free to contact me via email or you can text me a short message.

Click Here For: Tiens Worldwide Office Addresses

2. Go to TIENS Branch office in your country. Don,t forget to bring your passport / Resident ID Card, also a copy of it.

3. Enroll as TIENS Distributor by asking the distributor form at TIENS branch office,and fill up the form completely,including filling the sponsoring section part with my information above.

(2) How much will have to Pay ? & Products Availability at your Place

1. Once you filled up the Registration form Completely,You will need to pay Registration and Business Kit / Business License Fee which could be $30 US Dollars, it depends on different country,s registration plan. Once you pay it to TIENS office, You will get Business kit including products books/Testimonial Magazine/ Company,s Complete Profile Data book / DVD/ and International Business License. Please send me your Business License code via email or via short message through my contact number,i will keep it for my record database.

2. After that read the products book,if you are interested to buy some products like health supplements or household products or cosmetics,consume it for your self and for your family,so at least you know the qualities of the products.

3. Usually you can buy TIENS Products as many as you want for yourself and for your family.If you buy more products that’s means more points value you increase for yourself means good for you to build your network marketing Business. But mostly People when they start TIENS Business they just need to buy 300 points value products.

4. They don,t need to buy products anymore its recommendation by TIENS. Once you achieve 300 Points as an Independent Distributor. You become life time Member So next you follow up the training session provided by TIENS office in your country. More training you will have more success you achieve to build your successful business.

5. Let me clear about points value well 1 point is equal to 1$ US Dollar. If you buy 300 points value products that means you just need to invest $300 US Dollars once in a life. I give you the Tips to get Success in Tiens Business below.

6. Get the training’s from TIENS office in your country, learn from senior leaders respect them copy them like how they followed up the trainings system. In Tiens Business you learn and learn and learn 90% you learn by TIENS training system and 10% you do work to build your business. Also read the successful leaders sharing testimonial magazine so you will also learn from them sharing on magazine.


7. I have some thing more to share with you i guess you must be excited  here we go…. Once you bought the products of 300 points value or more than 300 points. And you had the trainings from Tiens office in Your country simply follow up my method like how am i building my TIENS Business.

8. Simply write down all of your contact number which you have on your cell phone and call one by one to those people who trust you and those who keep in touch with you and those who are your close friends, relatives, community people. Once they take interest and wants to start business or want just to consume products, And they buy 300 points value products you get the profit from each person.

9. You don,t need to bring whole army of people. You need just 4 people in your down line. Teach them help them for everything you learnt from TIENS training system. Remember each person could bring you lots of bulks and success in your business so never leave them alone in Tiens Business help them and Ask them to copy your method so from those 4 people each of them will bring 4 people. So like that your business gets expanded more and more means more bulks/Money in your Bank account.

10. As a TIENS Member ” We share Together We work Together ” in order to build successful Business person in TIENS International. For more Information for any help visit Tiens Business Plan on my blog. I hope my provided information have helped you to learn Tiens Business. Now its up to you how you implement on it. Well thank you for taking your time to read the page if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks

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