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Stanslaus Musila (New 1 Diamond Gold Lion)I joined Tiens in 2003 being very young and energetic. I embraced the business with a positive attitude and worked hard. In two years I was 8*. Every month my bonus grew bigger and in 2007 I was already Bronze Lion. I started enjoying more bonuses and to top it up I started enjoying global bonus as well as travel allowance. The business has given me not just money and good health but gained knowledge, power lifestyle, experience and exposure. I have had the chance to travel to very many countries that include; China, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. I am a 1 Diamond Gold Lion and still going up. I have been awarded the prestigious car (luxurious Prado)Join Tiens, embrace Tiens, enjoy Tiens and be happy with Tiens.

Rhoda Musyoka Mueni‘’HIGH CHOLESTROL’’ THE MAIN CAUSE OF KILLER DISEASESMy name is Rhoda Musyoka Mueni, a very proud and excited TIENS distributor. I joined TIENS in March 2004. At this time, my health had completely deteriorated and I was always in hospitals. I had many diseases such as arthritis, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, insomnia, low blood pressure, diabetes, just to mention but a few. As I expected, I grew miserable. I was looking for any kind of treatment that would help me regain my health. I weighed 86 kgs yet my ideal weight was 66kgs. All the doctors that I consulted advised me to reduce my weight and wear low shoes since my back was not able to hold my weight.I was born with a curvaline in my spine; a very rare condition. The bone specialist informed me that I may have got this condition during my birth delivery and being overweight was worsening it. I was not able to stand for a long time and when I did, I would start sweating, feeling dizzy and would eventually faint. The condition worsened in 1984 after I gave to the last of my two lovely children. They had drained all the calcium from my bones. The doctors then advised me to stop doing any exercise in order to avoid further injuries to my spine. It was really a dark time in my life.When I heard about TIENS in 2004, I decided to join. I was advised to do the following; to undergo thorough detoxification (cleansing) to help reduce my weight, to take a lot of calcium to strengthen my tissues and to boost my immunity using vitality softgel and cordyceps.With time, I have been able to reduce my weight to 70 kgs. I feel young, vibrant and energized both physically and mentally. I can now stand for long hours, walk for long distances and wear high-heeled shoes. I truly feel healthier. I have also witnessed the wonders TIENS products have done to other people as well. As such, I believe that TIENS products are simply the best herbal products in the world and above all they have no side effects.Embrace TIENS products and your health problems will be gone.

Joyce Waweru(New Bronze Lion)I am a banker by profession, marketer by training and network marketer by choice. I am certified as a public motivational speaker. Tiens is my first MLM Company. Tiens delivers on its promises. I am proud to work with a world’s top ten MLM Company. Tiens awarded me a luxury BMW in 2009 in Nairobi Kenya at KICC at a grand ceremony worth of a queen.TIENS is a 21st Century recession proof business with a solid dependable company. I look forward to developing global leaders as I set out on my dream to become an OPRAH FOR AFRICA, changing million of lives in the continent of Africa.This is the time for Africa; this is the time to develop young MLM millionaires!! Join TIENS today take action on your dream.I am a proud Bronze Lion on my way to Gold Lion.You can achieve your dream, start Tiens today. Millions of Kenyans need to build an incentive business and Tiens is very real.Testimonies are proofs of the efficacy  of our products. As a matter of fact, I’m a proud marketer of Tianshi products because of my health problems that was solved using their health products. I would have loved to start with my own testimony, but since I’m marketing here, that is not necessary, since the Holy Book said that the one who bears a testimony about himself, his testimony is not real. Take your time to read through the many testimonies of our numerous customers whose health challenges have been solved using our products. We use initials for some peoples’ name just for confidential purpose alone.

Testimonial From Vikas Mohan Goyal ( Gold Lion )
“Success requires commitment, persistence and patience. The key is getting started”

Coming from a middle class background, the only words of wisdom I knew that could make me successful were Patience, Persistence & Perseverance. And only through these beliefs and motivations by Tiens management today I can humbly say that my journey towards success is in the overdrive.

In fact, I was arguably the first distributor who started pursuing Tiens business in India and eventually became the first distributor to achieve the Prestigious ‘Bronze Lion’ status. I was the first Indian distributor who qualified and achieved ‘Luxury Car Fund’ award. In the international convention held in Kenya in 2007, I received ‘Luxury Yacht Fund’ award from our honorable President Mr. Li Jinyuan. The joy of achieving this award can’t be expressed in words, it was like a dream that came true, which I had not even dreamt of. At present I am a Gold Lion distributor and just a stone throw away from being Diamond Lion. However, it gives me immense joy that today many more Indian distributors have reached these heights.
Sometimes I look back and think am I the same person, who I was 7 years back; coming from a middle class family, life not going anywhere and the means at my disposal could not guarantee even the basic necessities for the future.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Fifty two percent of the CEOs of the fortune 500 companies are from lower-middle-class or poor families, and 80 percent of the millionaires in America are first-generation millionaires. All my Tiens brother’s & sister’s, please do remember Tianshi provides us the platform where we can launch ourselves in a big way and scale new heights. You can achieve all that you ever dreamt of and much more.
Just feel like reminding you all,
It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that counts.
When I started Tiens business in mid of year 2002, I was nobody, people around me had image of mine as that of a looser, and almost everybody use to ignore me.
     There used to be times when I didn’t have even one US dollar in my pocket, even then I had big dreams. One was travelling all over the world and I had not stepped out of India till that time. My friends used to laugh at me.

When I started Tiens business every one was discouraging me, saying things like, this type of business doesn’t work here. Even if Tiens is able to do business successfully, at least I will not be able succeed. Their perception was that I don’t have enough qualities which would make me successful in Tiens. I had to fight my way through all these people for more than nine months to see the first light of success. It is the combination of reasonable talent and the ability to keep going in the face of defeat that leads to success.

During my journey of seven years in Tiens, I have been travelling all over the world, visited 10 countries and some of them many times. I was having only a scooter (Two wheeler) before and Tiens made it possible for me to even own a Mercedes Benz. I own a Bungalow, a residential flat, an office and a farm house land. All this became reality for me only because of Tiens. It makes me feel like a winner.

Here I will like to quote the words of great Mahatma Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.” 

‘Reality says that regardless of how many wonderful qualities you have, if you make the wrong choices and follow the wrong game plan, you won’t make it to the top.’With all honesty I can say we all fellow distributors in TIENS have made the right choice. Lets help others to make the right choice too.

Together we share
Vikas Mohan Goyal
Gold Lion

Stopped Menstrual PeriodFor about 4 years I have not seen my menstrual period. I took so many pills but to no avail. I was developing serious stomach problems until later in 2002, when some people introduced some products called Tiens Herbal Products from China. I later bought them and used just few of them for I was not too sure of efficacy. Within the next weeks after the tea according to their recommendation, my stomach began to turn and after sometime, I began to menstruate, initially it was filled with horrible smell but later it cleared and fresh blood began to flow.
Mrs. H. Tema (Ghana)Hypertension goneI was a hypertensive patient for some years now and I have always been on drugs. I traveled this time and forgot my drugs and after getting to my destination, my BP rose to a very high level. I did not know what to do, so I rushed to the hospital and on the hospital bed my daughter introduced a tea from Tianshi Health Products. I took it and I felt better after some hours, so I demanded for more. She now brought the Tianshi distributor who now gave me the complete products for hypertension and after some days my BP came down drastically and I was back to my feet again.
Mrs. E.O. Soweto (South Africa)Diabetes; no more I suffered this debilitating diseases called diabetes from thirteen (13) years in UK. I tried to get it off my system but it would not go. It was declared that diabetes was an incurable sickness. What was really going to kill me was the side effects of the orthodox medication I was placed on. The sickness took another turn, I began to age very fast, lost much weight and became feeble. I knew I was dying. So to save my family the immense cost of transporting my body home from UK, I had to rush back to Nigeria in August 2005 so that I could die here at home.
         By God’s mercy in July, 2006 I came in touch with Tianshi herbal products. I began receiving the recommended Tianshi treatment. It lasted for six months, after which I went to my doctor for examination. He expressed surprise that my blood sugar has normalized and that my pancreas was working at full capacity.
       I got my health, my vigor, my youthfulness and joy of living back. In fact, when I was going back to Britain, the immigration could not believe that I was the same person in the passport. He accused me of using my father’s passport to travel. I laughed and explained to them what happened. Today, I am very thankful to God and to Tainshi products for saving me from imminent death.
Ebenezer Adewale Okunowo (Lagos Nigeria)

” I am a belly dancer, being chubby and overweight, has certainly frustrated me for some time, I was recommended to try Tiens weight loss products. Amazingly I have lost about 8 kilos only having used the product for one and half months. I now feel a lot more energetic and active. Tiens slimming products are a very effective way of losing weight in a healthy way. I can now enjoy teaching belly dancing and at the same time work as a Tiens independent distributor and earn extra income, by introducing Tiens products to other people”.
Varya Bilo “After joining the TIENS weight loss programme, I have managed to reach my optimal weight target by losing one and half stone. These products not only help me get rid of excessive fat, they also kept me fit and active. Now I feel like I have an extra 3 to 4 active hours a day. It is really amazing!”
Amy Kong, London ” I am originally from Bulgaria and now living in the U.K, I am extremely glad about TIENS products as they help me and my mother so much to improve our health. We felt so much more energetic and active and my friends have been telling me that I look so healthy and pretty now. TIENS products have really made a difference to my life.”
Maria Ivanova
“I really love the Qi Circulation Massager and my family also benefit from this machine as, exercise has never been the priority in our daily lives. I could really feel an obvious difference with my health after using it for some time”
Angela Mensah
“My experience makes me realize that TIENS wellness equipment truly demonstrate the efficacy of Chinese Traditional Healthcare Culture. I have really enjoyed using the massager and the Qi balancer and my blood circulation has improved a lot and as well as my blood pressure.”
Peter Nelson
Viral Infection   I contacted a viral infection that almost ruined my life. One day, my neighbor called me after seeing all the pains I was going through and asked me to stop using the local herb I was using that have almost destroyed my stomach and caused me severe pains. He gave me a product from Tianshi Company (called Antilipemic Tea) and I used it for the first two weeks. I saw wonders of this product; first, severe stomach pains were gone, also for the first time in many years, I urinated a clean and clear urine. Tianshi is indeed wonderful.
Mrs. B.S (Lagos, Nigeria)

I was trying to come one morning from my house. I fell down and a part of my  body including my hand and leg became paralyzed. I was rushed to U.C.H. Ibadan and after a period of about a month and some weeks, I was discharged yet I could not move my hand and leg. A traditional doctor came and collected some huge amount of money and for the next one month I was on his treatment yet no change. My daughter introduced me to a man and he gave me some Tiens products. After two weeks to be precise, |I began to lift my hands and legs gradually. I began to stand on my legs. Now I can dress myself.
Mrs. B.A. (Capetown, South Africa)

Piles (Hemorrhoids) DisappearedI was suffering from serious painful and protruding pile and recently a friend of mine introduced Tianshi products to me and after some weeks, the bleeding and pains decreased and later it was gone. Now I can sit and excrete without pains.Ayuba (Kaduna, Nigeria)
Obesity Gone

I was obessed and developed other sicknesses like heart problems, rheumatism and sight problems. I could not do anything due to this sickness. I was introduced to some Tianshi products and I am seriously relieved and I can now go out on my own for the time after two years.Mrs. O. (Kumasi Ghana)

My name is Ngozi Anele. At 1st I was not interested in Tianshi business, but when I attended their seminar, I listened to products testimonies and I was impressed. Because I wanted to sample their products, I registered and purchased the fertility pack for that was exactly what I needed. For I have taken so many things for nine (9) good years, but to no avail. So the moment I tried Tianshi products, that same month, I conceived. In fact, as am writing this note, I am carrying a second baby. My baby is known as Tianshi baby. The products I took were (1) Antilipemic Tea (2) Calcium (3) Zinc (4) Spiriluna (5) Cordyceps (6) Lecithin + calcium

High fever  
My neighbor’s two year old baby suddenly developed a high fever in the night at about 1:00am. She had applied all remedies known to her in order to bring down the temperature, but to no avail. Out of panic and confusion she ran to me as a Tiens distributor for assistance. I came not knowing what to do but I offered to use the Tiens hypotension apparatus hoping that it might work. I started stroking the baby’s body all over with the comb. When I got tired I gave it to the baby to play with. Sometimes the baby put it in the mouth as a toy. By the time I wanted to leave, the high fever had reduced and the body temperature became normal again. Out of excitement the mother jumped up and embraced me. Today she calls me her personal doctor.
Titi Ojapunwase (Lagos, Nigeria).

Eye problem
I observed that my right eyes was becoming painful when touched. I also observed that whenever I blinked there would be a lightening flash. This occurs especially at night. I decided to observe it for a while so as to ascertain what I will report to the doctor when I visit. Within that time period I attended a Tiens Product Training where the Laser Acupuncture was used to treat various very serious eye problems. I was very excited I came home and immediately put my own Laser Acupuncture device to use. Like magic the frequent light flashes of my right eye ceased. the severe pain I experienced when I touched my right eye also ceased. And right now I can read freely in bright light without the use of my eye glasses.
A. Ray Khoko (Benin, Nigeria)

I lived with a serious lower back injury from an armed robbery attack for upwards of 12 – 18 months. Regular chores suddenly became a task, as I could no longer sit down comfortably for more than 20 – 30 minutes. Driving became a difficult task. Standing up for a long time was also unbearable. Sleep suddenly became a very painful adventure, a luxury I could no longer enjoy. I slept in pains,most times in tears, as I could only manage a few hours of sleep only when I support my head and sides with two pillows, one on each side. It was that bad! For over one (1) year, I left the comfort of sleeping on the bed and resorted to sleeping on the hard floor.

If sleeping for me was a bad news, then waking up was a worse nightmare. I woke up in 3 phases: Opening my eyes, followed by the thought for a few minutes of the act of standing up, because of the pains that would soon follow. Then finally arching my body up in great pains, more or less crawling up on my knees before getting up from the bed. Surely this best describes the waking up act for an arthritic, 75 years old and not a way to wake up for a young man like me. For relief, I could ease my pains with pain killing drugs, but I was quite aware of the fact that they offered only temporary relief of just the pains and was surely going to get me addicted to them. Worse of all, was the danger associated with prolonged use of such drugs as I read from pharmacological books that such pain killer drugs as paracetamol were number 1 killer drugs that damage the liver and which is very often abused by my people.

So for me, the use of pain relieving drugs was not an option and that meant living with pains for as long as it lasted. The more I ignored the pains, the more the pain was determined to cripple me.

However, my story of lower back pain was soon to change. My mother had a high BP and when the Tiens Hypotension Apparatus was introduced to the Nigerian market as a non-drug therapy for High Blood Pressure, I was quick to purchase one for her. I wanted to acquaint myself with the use of the device, so I took the accompanying product manual to browse through. I was excited to read of its effect in balancing blood pressure, reducing high blood pressure and also increasing low blood pressure to normal without side effects. Well, that was going to be a relief for my mum from all the hypertension drugs that she has been taking for many years now with all the associated adverse side effects.

For me, the good news came when I came across the fact that the hypotension apparatus was also effective for local pains, arthritis, toothache, stomach aches, lumbago and back pains. Back pains? This was some good news I could use. A product not just for mum but for me also. I quickly reached for and grabbed the equipment and started using it on my lower back and waist area (the area of the pain). I used it for upwards of 8 – 10 minutes the first day with no noticeable results, but I was not discouraged. I was determined to prove with my case whether or not it actually worked for pains. Relentlessly, I used it several times, 10 – 15 minutes each time.

An amazing thing happened on the 4th day, when my phone rang early in the morning. Unconscious of the regular early morning pains, I had to rushed over to take the call. After the phone discussion, I realized something different about this particular morning from other mornings in the past. Suddenly, I did not feel the pains anymore. This was unbelievable! Incredible! Was I dreaming? No! I had just spoken to someone on the phone. I could not believe what I felt. I twisted my waist from side to side and felt no pain. I bent over to touch my toes and succeeded. wow! An act I had long forgotten owing to my back pains. Indeed this was truly remarkable. I just had to believe.

But wait a minute! what did I do differently all these days? Yes! The hypotension apparatus, I exclaimed! The only thing I had done differently was the hypotension apparatus that I have benn using on my back all these while. Yes, that was the magic. I picked up the hypotension apparatus once again and started using it on my back to consolidate on whatever gains I could have achieved. Many thanks to the hypotension apparatus’ effect on local pains and cramped muscles.

My encounter with this device has truly changed my life for good. The pains are gone, the frequent headaches associated with the pains, gone too. Today I enjoy the privilege of a volunteer service that involves standing up for upwards of 2 hours at a stretch without pains.`

In excitement, I made further inquiries into the hypotension apparatus and the fact were quite revealing.
(1) Relief of stress;
(2) Relief of migraine,headaches, toothaches, and menstrual cramps, etc.
(3) For beauty (reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dead cells);
(4) Improvement of memory (student, executives);
(5) Reducing heavy head from the use of mobile phones and computers;
(6) A better treatment for pregnancy induced high blood pressure than drugs;
(7) Prevention and treatment of pre-natal baby epilepsy.

Note that I was not convinced the hypotension apparatus could work for me until I tried it,even persistently and it proved magical. I made the Tianshi Nutrient High Calcium Powder a regular product to assist me build my bone mass and density. Well, you likewise would be convinced of the hypotension apparatus efficacy on this and other cases if only you could try it.

The apparatus has become my regular companion for the relief of aches, pains, headaches and stress. My sleeping pattern had since returned to normalcy as the apparatus relaxes and calms my nerves for a peaceful night rest. If it worked for me, it would definitely work fory you. 
Sydney Anyim (Lagos, Nigeria).

Success with Tiens Business
I had my first degree B.Sc. Accounting and a Master degree MBA in Finance. Armed with these qualifications I went in search of a lucrative job and one of such was an interview with a reputable company where I scaled through 3 stages of the interview, but failed at the last stage. My reason for failure? -“Who do you know at the Board level to influence your appointment?” My answer was “Nobody”. That question which I failed robbed me of that job. Well, that taught me to do well in the corporate world. I would always rely on someone else’s endorsement. That would take away my freedom, so I went in search of my own rainbow. In 1990, I started importing computers accessories. My clientele was among the computer companies in Lagos. It was successful at a time. I owned landed properties, cars and a comfortable lifestyle. But one bad transaction changed the whole scene. When prices crashed at the international market, and I lost a huge sum of money as a result. To diversify, I went into the importation of fabrics, which also went sour at a time. I almost had a stroke as a result and developed insomnia. I got to business by selling some of my landed properties, but my shipper held back my deposit for more than one year. When he finally shipped the goods, I had lost more than 50% of my capital. Having lost so much I was lucky to secure an arrangement with another shipper for a 60% up-front payment and 40% balance two weeks after clearing the goods. I took a high interest loan from a money lender with my car as collateral. Unaware that my shipper had shifted from the original arrangement with the insistence that I pay up the 40% balance.

On one hand, before I could convince him to release the goods, demur rage and interest on the loan heightened. The lender on the other hand threatened to take possession of my car. A friend however saved the situation by assisting me in paying off the loan but placed his own time frame for repayment on me. When I could not meet up to pay him back within the time period, he enforced police action. This left me with the option of selling yet another landed property to effect payment. 

At this point I reasoned that I needed to do something differently, especially having read much about the advantages of network marketing as against my tradition single income business. Within this difficult period, I tried out 5 different network marketing companies without success and so concluded that network marketing for me was not realistic. So when Tianshi came, I rejected it with passion, without knowing the beauty of its peculiar marketing plan. It took my upline 3 years to get me convinced. 

For me conviction came when I saw his sudden transformation from one room apartment to a detached (duplex) house and cars. How did it happen? I queried. In answer he explained the Tiens network marketing plan which uses a cumulative assessment in their marketing plan as against monthly assessment. “That was the Joker!” I retorted. I got registered immediately. This marked a complete turn around from my single income business. It became obvious that I was originally looking in the wrong direction for the sun rise as if working up an elevator that was coming down. So I became determined to take advantage of the marketing plan and the wide arrays of the products to build a strong financial empire for my future. 

In one (1) year and ten (10) months, I got the award of the BMW Luxury car. For met it cost only N2,700 to get it, as that was the only money I invested to register myself as a Tiens consultant (distributor). I have equally enjoyed the privilege of an all expenses paid trip to one of Tiens International conferences. This is an experience I cannot forget in a hurry. Through my Tiens business, I have successfully renovated two of my houses and bought other landed properties. I have also gained financial and time freedom. You can imagine earning even when I am not directly involved in the business transaction, as such, never under pressure for supervision, overheads or worry over import risks. Today a wonderful pension plan awaits me as I have a 5 year plan to work and retire rich with Tiens. 

Today I live a healthier life. My neck pain and chronic insomnia are no more. My journey with Tiens has been developmental. I have acquired success and leadership skills while putting smiles on peoples’ faces. The future is bright and I dream of owning the Tiens Yacht, Aircraft and the luxurious villa on a 6 acre property. A wonderful prospect! there is, just by investing in people rather than in goods. Today money works for me. I no longer slave for it. In all I have a strong responsive partner called Tiens and my journey with Tiens has been a carnival of some sorts. I have learned to spend a few moments teaching and developing someone and can earn on that for life. Most importantly, I have learned not to spend dollar time on penny jobs.

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